Tabbaru’ Dam, Tabarru’ Alam?

13 Jan

                  We thought the officer took our pens mistakenly after the registration for the blood donation campaign for Ghaza, that we asked for our pens back. Yet he said without hesitation, “entu aiizin tabarru’ dam, tabarru’ alam bardu”. (you guys want to donate blood right, then donate your pen too). So we just smile, the most sincere smile we can give. If the officer uses the pens all through the campaign, we shall receive the ajr as well, insyaAllah. Anything for the sake of Ghaza.image0133

                 The blood donation campaign held by the Darul Hikmah Egyptian Doctors Association in response to the inhumane attack by the Israelis towards the innocent Palestinians had witness continuous support from the community. Why blood? Firstly, because this is what the Palestinians need most to survive, along then come medicines, food, blankets, etc. Secondly this is what we can afford to give. We might not have tremendous amount of money to be given  and we are not allowed to enter Ghaza to lend our hands, but insyaAllah we have enough blood to be shared with our brothers and sisters in Ghaza. what  a blessing if our blood is inside the body of the mujahideens, inside the shuhada’s.

             Iwas there on the 1st and the 3rd day. People from all walks of life came to donate their blood with the hope that this will help to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinians. When our blood mixed together, may the ukhuwwah and ruhul jihad stay forever, within us, Muslims across borders.


                Despite the mid-year exam getting near, the Malaysian students did not miss the opportunity to join the campaign. On Friday morning, we got there with anticipation. Oh, what a surprise! The procedures was so simple. I had an experience taking part in a blood donation campaign in Malaysia. So many check-ups; weight, hemoglobin content, blood pressure, blood type, blood glucose, infections…but here, in Egypt, due to its ‘systemless’ system, everything seemed so easy. Just walk to the counter, fill the upper part of the form(incomplete filling), have your hemoglobin content checked, and proceed to the women hall. Undeniably, this pattern of system really suits the needs of the Egyptians who are always rushing here and there, as it prevents delay and lagging of time. But I have to say, precautions and hygiene should be taken as serious considerations. We learned all kinds of sterilizations in the subject of Microbiology, so this is the time to apply.

               Nevertheless, we respect and honor each and every doctor in-charged. Working 12 hours around the clock efficiently, smiling and giving support to the donors, continuously saying ‘jazakillahu khairan’ really sooth our feelings. We hope we will be able to follow your footsteps later on. Here you go, doctors-to-be!

        However, many unlucky Malaysians were rejected due to their weight (below 45kg) at first. Yet, they did not give up easily. Standing in front of the counter, expressing a ‘please, I really want to donate’ face until the officer was tired looking at their faces that he allowed them to donate. The consequences?? That’s it, severe dizziness, sincope, hypotension, pale bloodless face, vomiting, hallucinations. Oh, now we understand, why the officers did not allow these donors to proceed initially.

        Impressively, there were no signs and symptoms of regret in the sick donors. Some quotes, “the Ghaza people suffers thousand times more terrible than me”. “This is the best I can do for Al-Aqsa, so that I have a prove to show to Allah when I meet Him some day”.  Another one, “InsyaAllah the sincope will bring me to jannah”. Such a touching moments! Especially when the Egyptians donors (makcik2 arab) showing their concern. Impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the thin and tiny Malaysians. Dear Allah, do accept our small deeds and reward us with your ‘ridha’, help our brothers and sisters in Ghaza and destroy the Israelis to death. Ameen Ya Rabb!

               The campaign ended two days ago. Besides, we are not allowed to donate anymore blood except after 2 months. Thus, what can we do now? A lot! The utmost priority, doa’. Pray to Allah all the time to grant the Palestinians strength of iman and jihad fi sabilillah to fight the Zionists. Pray to Allah to show us the right path so that we can be together with the Palestinians some day, fighting for Al-Aqsa. Pray to Allah to choose us as part of the soldiers prevailing Islam on His earth.



Next, donate. Donate what we can afford to donate. Money, clothes, food, medicines. They need these from us. Remember, our donations will be rewarded by the best Rewarder of all. He will reward us with jannah. The only place dreamed by everyone in the hereafter. Here you go, chase for it! It’s a promise from Allah.

            Finally, we can boycott. Yes, we must boycott. Just leave all the  Jewish and American products in the shop and look for alternatives. A friend of mine said, we won’t die if we don’t eat Cadbury, Galaxy, Tobelerones and Mcdonald’s, but our brothers WILL die if we donate our money to the Zionists indirectly by buying those products only for the pleasure of our stomach. Think of it……What are the excuses we can give in front of Allah when the day comes?

selamatkan Ghaza

save Ghaza

There you go guys. Make your first step because if we don’t, who will?







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3 responses to “Tabbaru’ Dam, Tabarru’ Alam?

  1. mizmanners

    January 13, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    mabruk alaik! berjaya gak post. hehe

  2. ba

    January 19, 2009 at 10:48 am

    untukmu jiwa-jiwa kami
    untukmu DARAH kami
    untukmu jiwa dan DARAH kami
    wahai al aqsa tercinta~

    untukmu ALAM-ALAM kami
    untukmu juhud kami~

    —-haha…pandai je reka lagu

    ya Rabbi izinkanlah kami berjihad di palestinamu
    ya Allah masukkanlah kami tercatat sebagai syuhada’mu…

  3. ~alhuda~

    January 20, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    salam alayk
    ini blog kak syafaf kah??
    alhamdulillah ramai kanak2 medic mlayu menderma darah…

    ~Allahummansuril islama walmuslimin fil ghazzah~


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